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There are many benefits to owning a jewelry franchise business. Franchising allows owners to tap directly into a business system that has been proven successful . As a franchisee, you are given access to all the training and support that is needed to correctly implement your business strategy. Owning a franchise gives you the advantage of an already well known and recognized brand, not to mention that owning your own business means you are your own boss and have the freedom to express your creativity. Entrepreneurs need to have knowledge and passion for jewelry of all metals. Eva’s Fine Jewelry is here to help get all  potential franchisees owned echoer their dream of becoming their own boss. The franchising relationship could be described as a business marriage in which both companies work in close collaboration supporting each other but  still be legally and financially independent. If we decide to start working together, you will benefit from our:

Attractive business model Proven retail concept Products with mass appeal Market leading position Appealing store design Global distribution network

We will assist you in every step in the process from location scouting, to the store opening event. Once your store is up and running, we will continue to offer support within these key areas;

Operational support Visual merchandising Training POS materials and uniforms Marketing materials Eva’s  shopping Knowledge sharing Eva’s  comprehensive business format (including brand, assortment and store concept) according to which he/she must operate.

Eva’s Fine Jewelry was founded based on a simple idea: “To celebrate men and women by offering them the opportunity for personal expression through our universe of high-quality and contemporary jeweler at affordable prices.”

Today Eva’s Fine Jewelry has developed into a fine jeweler’s brand.

We owe a big part of our success to our dedicated franchisees that have been loyal ambassadors and helped to build our brand from day one.


Our products play a vital part of the franchise package. We always seek to market attractive designs that appeal to our target audience. EVA’S JEWELRY COLLECTION is made for our customers to create and combine – at affordable prices. We offer our franchisees to carry a full assortment, but the mix will vary depending on market maturity.

Our engagement rings concept includes many different diamonds and gemstones to choose from, which you can combine with our specially designed rings in Fine silver and 10k,14k,18k 22k gold.

We offer a large selection of rings, including stackable rings with gemstones, stones and cultured pearls, giving you endless possibilities to mix and match the pieces to fit any occasion.


Our one of a kind hand made jewelry with all natural Diamonds and gemstones is a popular and unique approach to our market.

Our range of necklaces and pendants covers a great variety of materials and designs. Mix fine silver, 10k, 14k, 18k gold and two-tone necklaces and add pendants and to express your personal style.

Our earring concept allows you can also choose from a range of unique studs and hanging earrings, matching any occasion.




The fine jeweler market can be split into 3 price segments, the affordable segment (defined as jeweler with a price less than USD 1,500), in which EVA’S operates, and the luxury and high-end jeweler segments (prices of USD 1,500 to USD 10,000 and greater than USD 10,000, respectively). The affordable segment accounted for 57%, or USD 8.3 billion, of the fine jeweler market.

EVA’S is a large participant in the engagement ring and diamonds fine jeweler market in terms of estimated revenue at retail value.

The overall size of the engagement rings & diamonds fine jeweler market was estimated to be worth approximately USD 30 billion in 2015 (measured by estimated revenues at retail value).

We have identified the following global trends:

Branding: brands entering the market and taking market share from local jeweler shops

Fashion ability  is increasingly perceived as an accessory, which is changing spending habits

Customization: increasing demand for personalized jewelry. New customer segmentation: for example, more female self-purchasers driven by increasing number of working women

Growth in consumer base driven by emerging markets

Source: Third party independent research. EVA’S FRANCHISEE CONCEPT

As a EVA’S franchisee, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself. EVA’S will support you throughout your career as an EVA’S franchisee.

We will assist you in every step of the way: First, we help you find the location for your new EVA’S store and then we prepare the site for retailing. Then we help you design and install the store with inspiring fittings, fixtures and merchandising. Finally, you open the doors and start operating the business and we provide the on-going support.







EVA’S store concept aims to ensure that the EVA’S brand is effectively and uniformly exposed to consumers across all global markets. When designing the store, our store designers will therefore create an EVA’S store layout for you to ensure a professional expression and optimized planning.

An easily recognizable arcade creates visibility and contributes to increasing awareness of the EVA’S brand. EVA’S has a defined open and inviting facade concept that ensures recognition across the stores, and a window concept to attract customers and inspire them with beautiful products and inspirational window decorations.

We focus on making our stores easy to navigate in with open browsing for the customer and functional layouts. We are making our products accessible to the customers by using beautiful displays developed to enhance the jewelry inspire the customers. Also, attractive elements such as music, images and EVA’S movies are part of making the customer feel welcome and giving them a great experience in a EVA’S store for them to come back.

All furniture in an EVA’S store has been customized and produced for EVA’S by experienced production partners ensuring well tested and continuously improved high-quality furniture to ensure resistance in daily use and wear and tear for many years.

All stores are built according to the same building specifications to maintain quality and consistency in EVA’S stores globally, but adapted to local legal and customary conditions. RETAIL FORMATS


We operate with branded,non-branded and businesse opportunities. The branded retail formats consist of concept stores,business in a box,gold investment opportunities and gold dealers program.



A concept store is a full-blown EVA’S store, which carries a complete assortment of EVA’S products, has a branded EVA’S store front and is furnished only with EVA’S fittings and displays. Contact us for more info and franchise packages.




 A business in a box is a way of buying a business of your own without buying into the EVA’S BRAND. We assist, support and supply all your jewelry needs. From online support, merchandise, tools, displays, bags and boxes with your logo etc. Contact us for more info and packages.



Being a gold investor gives you a unique investment opportunity. EVA’S through its many channels and retail stores paired with buying power is able to acquire gold silver, diamonds and gemstones well below world training price. EVA’S also is a wholesaler of these products. In turn we are able to buy and sell for you and offer a 100% profit without loss EVER Guarantee! Contact us for more info and packages.





We offer EVA’S Gold dealr sertafacation (fees do apply). We offer full jewelry tool kit (fees apply).We show you how to buy and what are the best prices to buy at  and the best part is that we buy from you!! So you are guaranteed to sale all your inventory. Anyone can do it stay at home mom’s, anyone looking to make extra income. For any questions you may have please contact us.



The EVA’S franchise system is developed and managed by EVA’S subsidiaries. The franchisee enters into an agreement with EVA’S, and in operative matters mainly deals with the local EVA’S Retail Management.

It is important for us that you make the right choice and that potential candidates possess the below qualities in order to be approved as a EVA’S franchisee. For more specific information about initial investments, please contact us at or



Entrepreneurial mindset, perseverance and optimism A willingness to personally devote full-time efforts to daily operations of a EVA’S store Eagerness to learn Appreciation of the EVA’S brand Commitment to the EVA’S franchising system and cooperation within the whole chain Solid financial foundation

For more specific information about initial investments, please contact us at or



If you feel intrigued about the EVA’S opportunities and could see yourself as a EVA’S franchisee, the first step is to apply for partnership.

1. Applying for a franchise

2. Approval of potential franchisee

3. Finding the right location

4. Designing the store

5. Opening the store

Once you have been approved as a EVA’S franchisee, we will help you build your store. First step is to find the right location for your store. Our stores are situated in highly frequented locations on high streets and in shopping malls. We prefer to be in the vicinity of well-known local or international brands within the affordable segment and with high customer footfall.

We have a long list of places we want to be, but you are more than welcome to submit your suggestion and we can examine if it fits our distribution plan. The store itself should have a sales area of at least 30 sqm and normally up to 75 sqm and have office and storage room as well. The store should have a wide facade with space for an entrance, signage and at least one window display. We prefer to work with rectangular shaped sales areas, and single level stores are recommended. Ceiling height should be at least of 2,250 mm.

When we have found the right location, we will enter the design phase, where we take responsibility for designing the store in cooperation with you. We have a great team in place to assist you in finding the optimal solution.

Then we decorate the store with inspiring fittings and exciting products. When designing your store, our designers will create a EVA’S store profile for you to ensure a professional expression. The store layout and furniture selection will reflect our analyses as well as best practices to help you create the best possible traffic flow, optimal usage of the sales floor and a great customer experience. We have designed a modular system, which can be customized to fit different store layouts.


The sales potential is to a large extent determined by the specific location and the size of the selling space. We will offer our support in all operational aspects as well as financial and merchandising planning to help you improve your performance. The overall attractiveness of the business case is primarily driven by sales, stock turnover, staff and lease costs.






As a EVA’S franchisee you will face some initial investment to get the store up and running. The start-up cost will vary depending on the size of the store and the necessary fittings. Additional investments in initial sign-on fee, legal expenses, opening stock etc. could also be required. Also you need to ensure that you have adequate operating capital.


To work towards EVA’S long term vision to become the world’s most loved jewelry brand, we have identified the following strategic objectives for the short to medium term: Focus EVA’S branded sales channels

We intend to increase the number of EVA’S branded points of sale to derive a higher proportion of our revenues from EVA’S branded sales channels. EVA’S branded sales channels allow us to strengthen the perception of our brand in the retail environment and typically permit an expanded product offering compared with our other points of sale.

Capitalize on our product offering

We design, produce and sell affordable genuine jewelry and continuously aim to improve the product portfolio to meet consumer demand. In terms of product development, EVA’S primary focus is to tend the engagement rings & diamonds categories we also specialize in custom built one of a kind peaces.

Tailor our approach to new markets

We intend to continue entering into new geographical markets as well as building on our presence in existing markets. Where focus is to expand branded sales.  Which represent a significant opportunity for EVA’S.

Build a global brand

We pursue a global brand strategy focusing on creating brand consistency across all communication channels and markets. To further strengthen our brand, we expect to invest a significant amount of our revenue on marketing. We intend to continue to use the internet to promote our brand as well as to attract and retain customers by fostering customer loyalty through channels such as our Facebook fan page. We launched an online sales platform to further increase brand awareness and maximize reach as well as to foster the potential for additional revenue opportunities.


This website and the franchise sales information on this site do not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. In the United States and in certain other countries, the offer of a franchise can only be made through contacting us directly.

Certain states in the U.S. and certain other countries require that we register the franchise disclosure document. The communications on this web site are not directed by us to the residents of any of those states or countries. Moreover, we will not offer or sell franchises in those states or countries until we have registered the franchise (or obtained an t exemption from registration) and delivered the franchise disclosure document to the prospective franchisee in compliance with applicable law.